i might will be not updating this blog for a few months or maybe will be not use this blog again.
some of works are still on the progress.

see you! xx



     saya sering merasa kesepian dan selalu bisa mengisi kesepian-kesepian itu dengan hal lain.
     tetapi tidak dengan hari ini, kemarin, ataupun beberapa hari ini....
     saya merasa begitu kehilangan... padahal kita tidak pernah terikat.


DIY Report

(secondhand texture sweater, secondhand black faux chino pants, loafers, tote bag) 

   DIY Report at CCCL Surabaya, March, 16, 2012. We are in one topic to talked about Surabaya for real  
   I went to there with my old sister to covered this event. And what i loved from this discussion is not only
   informants who talked about their own sectors, but audience gave their testimonials too. It was really a
   casual discussion times. CCCL really had a great place, that's a second times for me to came.
   Old architecture but a little bit spooky.

   I had my own holiday finally! But i feel empty all the times because of something that i don't know.
   Just listened some good musics and read a book.
   I spend too much times to thinking so i have to cheer up myself right now.

   Have a great holidays, guys! :)